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Palace of mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Palace of mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Palace of mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

What is the name of the book?
Palace of Mirrors

Who wrote it?

Margaret Peterson Haddix

This book is great for

Middle Schoolers (6th-8th graders)

Read this if you’re in the mood to get

Spellbound (Fantasy)

Kissy kissy (Romance)

This book is about

Leave it to Margaret Peterson Haddix to lead us on such an adventure with twists and turns at the turn of every page! 14 year old Cecilia lives as a commoner with chores, no shoes, patched clothing, and a house suited for, well, a commoner. Yet inspite of her lifestyle, Cecilia knows that her true destiny awaits far from her living now, one that was waiting for her since birth. Cecilia is actually the true princess of her country, but she was placed in a village no one would suspect she would be for her own protection, as Desmia, the decoy, sits on the throne. For Cecilia has been preparing for the day she and Desmia will trade places and restore peace once again, she’s been ready her whole life. When complications fill her mind and she finally sees that her village is not safe anymore, she and Harper ( Cecilia’s best friend whos name says his distiny) set out to the capitol, to finally live the life she never lived. As hard as it was to get to the capitol, to face all her fears, and to finally find a way to get into the palace of mirrors and and talk to the decoy herself, everything she was taught growing up is turned in reverse when she and Harper get locked in a tower by Desmia herself who has a different side to Cecilia’s version of the story. You can’t not feel like jelly on cecilia’s journey to finding her inner self. Is Cecilia one of the evil one’s set out to get Desmia off the thrown? How does a harp have anything to do with anything? You’ll have to read the book to figure that out, to figure out the truth.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=HATED it, 5=LOVED it) I would give this book a


I loved/hated this book because

I loved this book because I just couldn’t keep it down! I didn’t even know I read a 297 page novel, until I hit the end! You seriously cannot put down a book by Margaret Peterson hadix book, ever. She throws so may surprisesat you, that you have to read the whole book and the whole book carefully to figure out it’s meaning.I recommend this book, if you like anything heart pounding set in a different world. READ IT!!!

Summer Reading Club Reviewer   

Nallely M.


17 thoughts on “Palace of mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

  1. I read it but.. well its wierd I want to know what kind or book you kwon, is it exiting all the way or does it go up and down?

    • Truthfully, I haven’t read this book myself. This review was sent in by one of our wonderful SRC reviewers. However, based on the number of people I’ve heard say they love it, it looks like it’s pretty good!

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