Volunteer at the Carrollton Public Library

Opportunities to Volunteer at CPL



Summer Volunteering:

If you want to volunteer with us for the summer, either as part of youth services to help with programs or as a shelver, you need to start by visiting : http://www.cityofcarrollton.com/departments/departments-q-z/workforce-services
>Click on “City of Carrollton Volunteer Opportunities”
>Click “Go”
>Click the box for City of Carrollton, then click “Next”
>Choose the position you want to volunteer for, and apply!


Teen League

Last Wednesday of the month
6:30-8:30p.m. at the Josey Ranch Lake Library

Need service hours, but don’t have the time to come in as a weekly volunteer for the library? Come to teen league! You can get service hours and help the library become a better place at the same time!

Note: You are REQUIRED to bring a signed waiver with you to this event or you will not be allowed to participate. You can find the waiver here.