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Book cover of The red pyramid

The red pyramid by Rick Riordan

Read this book if you want to get: An adrenaline rush (Action)

This book is about:
It was like any other Christmas Eve, Carter and his father would pick up Sadie and spend a day together. But when their father wants to go to a museum for studies and locks the security guard in his office, they begin to wonder who he is. Especially after he blows up the Rosetta Stone and gets taken away by a coffin from a blurry figure. It gets even stranger after that, too, and both Sadie and Carter must work together in order to get answers, and much more.

On a scale of 1 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest) I give this book a: 4

Reviewer: Peter A.

Better late than never, right?
Here’s a Wordle of our Star Struck Summer Reviewers. Sorry it’s so teeny. (Click on the Wordle for the enlarged version.)

Wordle: Star Struck Sumer Reviewers

Excellent job, guys and gals! Thanks for participating. We’ll be posting your reviews here and there soon.

An ending and a confession

Posted: August 17, 2010 by cplteen in star struck summer

Well, we all knew it would happen eventually. Star Struck Summer Reading has drawn to a close. I have removed the links to Star Struck Summer from this blog. If you happen upon one, please let me know. That’s the ending. It is bittersweet, true. BUT, I am ever so thankful to all you participants! You guys are awesome readers! I’ll post numbers soon.

And now, for the confession. I am WAY behind in the doing the drawings! I know, I know. Don’t worry, I will still be doing them AND notifying the winners. My goal is to have them done by the end of the week. So sit tight…you still may have won something!

Can I just say that while planning for The Hunger Games Tournament (which is just one week away, BTW), is great fun, it’s TIRING! Which is why the blog posts have been short and few.

I do want to report that we have received OVER 100 book reviews for Star Struck Summer Reading. I am soooo impressed! There are about 30 of you reviewers out there and I’ll love for you all to keep it up! Tell your friends, have them tell their friends, and so on and so forth.

Keep up the superb work! Hope to see you at The Hunger Games Tournament next week!

The reviews are definitely coming in!  Don’t be scared of writing reviews! You won’t be graded on them, I promise. =)

I’ll be doing some posts on writing reviews for those of you who might be suffering from writer’s block or just need a little tap in the right direction.

Is there anything review-wise you’d like me to write about? Leave a comment and let us know!