The finish line…

Hello, everyone! We are getting so close to the finish line.

Today is the big Summer Soiree so everyone who submitted a review before today (August 18) should have already received a party invitation.

Summer Reading at the library officially ends this Friday. We’ll still be accepting reviews until then, but just know you’ll already have missed the party!

However, all is not lost! Since I’ve been such a slacker about the badges and such, stay tuned for more about that. I’m determined to get those badges to you somehow!

Thanks all, for playing! If you have any feedback on the Race Around the World Reading, please let us know!

Welcome to the Race! – UPDATED

The following people have joined the race:

Itzel B.
Sussette B.
Kaylyn C.
Christy P.
Anabella M.
Sarah T.
Arzu D.
Monica S.
Nallely M.
Sarah T.
Marlee V.
Mahtob K.

Welcome to the race, everyone! Keep those reviews coming!

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