In honor of Earth Day

Here’s one in honor of Earth Day AND National Poetry Month. What would Mother Nature do? What would Mother Naure think Of trees burned down and air that stinks? With dirty water in her sink, What would Mother Nature think? What would Mother Nature say Of creatures who have gone away— The kinds once here … Continue reading

Fun Stuff

Double the pleasure

I was talking with some friends the other night about the poetic genius Shel Silverstein. Since I tortured you yesterday with my not very good magnetic poetry poem, I thought two Shel Silverstein poems would be a nice treat. Enjoy and leave us a comment with YOUR favorite Shel poems. Put Something In Draw a … Continue reading


Happy NPM!

April is National Poetry Month! Try reading a poem a day. Here’s one to get the month started: Homeroom Poetry is the home for all my yearnings each poem a separate room where wandering words find a cool bed, a bowl of soup where names of trees and cities and people I know who want … Continue reading