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Pardon the bad poetry, but I couldn’t resist. It’s National Library Week–the perfect time to tell the bigwigs how important libraries are to you! Libraries need support from the government to keep on keeping on. We need YOU to remind our state officials that libraries need their support. Here are some ways you can help: 

Let your state officials know how vital libraries are to YOU. Send an e-mail to  our state officials. In the big text box you can share stories about why libraries mean so much to you OR copy and paste the text under the “Action Alert.”  

Telling local officials helps too! Let the City of Carrollton’s city council know how much you love your libraries! Here are your council members.  

For more ideas, visit I Love Libraries–a website dedicated to keeping others informed on what’s happening in libraries. You can also put this badge on your website. Don’t forget to link to I Love Libraries!
Visit I Love Libraries

Download this badge and show your support!

We are ALWAYS happy to hear from you. Leave us a comment telling us why you LOOOOVE your libraries.  

Did you hug a librarian yet this week?

OK, so maybe that’s a little extreme, but it IS National Library Week. You have 3 days left to thank a librarian or library worker for all of the things they do to give you access to books, movies, music, databases full of articles, computers, and more. All of that stuff you use for homework or fun…for FREE…from your local library. All you need is your library card.

Why I Love My Library TreeThe Carrollton Public Library is celebrating National Library Week by showcasing “Why You Love Your Library”. Check out the tree made up of leaves telling why customers love their library at either library location and read the online responses customers sent us.

It’s not too late for YOU to show us some love. Just fill out this form [link to form removed 5-27-08] to share how the Carrollton Public Library has helped you. Or stop by either location to fill out a leaf for the tree.

Tell us why you love your library

Next week is National Library Week, the time every year to celebrate all the good stuff libraries, librarians and library workers do in schools and communities nationwide. The Carrollton Public Library is celebrating National Library Week by showcasing “Why You Love Your Library” at both library locations, so we need YOUR help.

Use this form [link to form removed 5-27-08] to tell us why the Carrollton Public Library rocks.

  • Tell us about library materials you used for homework.
  • Tell us about the great books you checked out.
  • Tell us about music CDs you borrowed.
  • Tell us about library staff who helped you.
  • Tell us how you love to rate stuff in the catalog.
  • Tell us what YOU love about YOUR library!

Let your voice be heard. Use the form above or fill out a leaf next time you’re at the library.