Manga Review: “A Silent Voice, Volume 1” by Yoshitoki Ōima
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Manga Review: “A Silent Voice, Volume 1” by Yoshitoki Ōima

I love graphic novels and manga. I worked at a comic book store for three years, two of them as a manager. Graphic novels/manga are something I feel passionate about and that inspired my last resolution: to update the manga/GN collection at the Carrollton Public Library and to read/review them with more regularity. In light … Continue reading


Carve your own path

I used to LOVE reading Choose your own adventure books. For the uninitiated, during certain points of time in a Choose your own adventure story, you get to decide where the story goes for example: If you choose to go through Door number 1, turn to page 54 If you choose to through Door number … Continue reading

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Graphic History

Graphic novels don’t just deal with super heroics or fantastical places, they often tell true stories of people and places in our own world. Some, like Persepolis, deal with growing up in a strict or opressive society. Others like Deogratias : a tale of Rwanda tell the tale of terrible tragedies happening a world away. Ones … Continue reading