Get crafty with your gifting

‘Tis the giving season! Want to go green with your gifting this year? Think about getting crafty and making gifts by recycling old stuff!

I found several seemingly easy projects at Some of my faves include:

  • No sew winter hat – Made from an old sweatshirt. I love winter hats so this was one of my favorites!
  • Recycled calendar envelopes – The perfect way to reuse the outgoing year’s calendar. I’d LOVE to get a letter in one of these!
  • Floppy disk photo cube – Because who really uses disks anymore? Since floppy disks aren’t really floppy, these little guys will even stand up on their own!

Got recycled craft ideas of your own? Leave us a comment and tell us all about it

I am such a fan of this idea, I’m trolling the web for more so stay tuned!

Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Frenzy

People camped out in front of stores in the cold for hours – and sometimes DAYS – just to try and get in on some of the amazing deals offered during the day after Thanksgiving sales!  Check out the videos on the CBS news site. Craziness! And the stores will stay busy and crowded until the holidays are over.

If crowds are not your thing…or money is a bit tight…or you prefer giving presents with a more personal touch, maybe making some gifts to give this holiday season is for you. Check out these books to get some ideas. Or try the Home & Garden Television or Better Homes & Gardens sites.  

Hand-made jewelry is another great gift idea. We have jewelry making books or try the All Info about Jewelry Making or Beadage sites to get the how to info and ideas.

Whether you decide to buy or make, remember gift-giving is not about WHAT is given but the THOUGHT behind it.