Full moon tonight…arrrroooo!

If you’re a fan of the spooky stuff, then a full moon is never just a big pretty in the sky. When the bushes rustle you don’t dismiss it as just a cat or a possum…you walk a little faster to the car…and when you hear a howl, the hair on the back of your neck stands up…

Well………maybe not……but sometimes it’s fun to scare yourself!

In celebration of the full moon try these werewolf booksfrom dragons to werewolves The complete book of werewolves: Blood and chocolate New moon Red Rider's hood Wounded The blooding

First semester is winding down but…

…with exams starting tomorrow, you might be winding up. To do your best, you need to find some way to relax.

If getting physical gets rid of your tension, try these activities:

If reading helps you relax, check out:

If going online helps you unwind, try these fun Web sites:

Comment and tell us YOUR best way to unwind.

Symbolism, plots, and themes…Oh, my!

Literature Resource CenterIt’s 9:30 at night…you need to analyze the metaphors in Lord of the Flies for class tomorrow…and the library is CLOSED. Argggh! Don’t despair! With your Carrollton Public Library card and an Internet connection you’re just a few clicks away from some help to get that lit crit assignment done. Literature Resource Center is a one-stop database for literary criticism and biographical essays. The tabbed navigation menu makes it easy to see whether you’re looking at Literary Criticism or a Biography. Don’t forget to try our other homework databases when you need other kinds of articles or information for an assignment but can’t get to the library.

Update: You have to enter your library card number AND the PIN or password for your library account to use databases now. Talk to library staff if you don’t know your PIN or password.

Vote for your favorite holiday movie

With winter break starting next week, it’ll be the perfect time to relax with your fav holiday flick. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Did it make this list?

All of these movies are owned by the library along with even more Christmas movies. Click a title to go to the library’s catalog and place a hold.

Comment to vote for YOUR favorite or to let us know what great holiday movie we forgot.

Are you current on current events?

Whether you’re researching social issues like gun control for a debate or looking for info on a hot news topic like the sub-prime mortgage rate mess, we have research databases full of articles that can help. Have your Carrollton Public Library card handy if you’re not at the library. (Update: You have to enter your library card number AND the PIN or password for your library account to use databases now. Talk to library staff if you don’t know your PIN or password.)

ABC-Clio IssuesABC-Clio Issues lets you browse for information about social issues. Below are the categories with a couple of example topics:

  • Society – Academic Plagiarism, School Violence, etc. ;
  • Gender/Ethnicity – Affirmative Action, Domestic Violence, etc.;
  • Criminal Justice – Cybercrime – File Sharing and Copyright, Domestic Terrorism, etc.;
  • Government/Law/Politics – Religion in Schools, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide, etc.;
  • Environment – Global Warming, Animal Rights, etc.;
  • Science/Technology – Genetic Engineering, Stem Cell Research, etc.

NewsBankNewsBank lets you search the Dallas Morning News and The New York Times. What’s cool about this database is you can get the local perspective since it covers the local newspaper. Click the “Hot Topics” link under “Current Events” to get the best search terms to find hot news stories. Check out the “Special Reports” for links to timely stories.

The library also has the Opposing Viewpoints books. They have articles giving both sides on a controversial issue. They’re super-helpful when getting ready for a debate because they present some of the arguments you might have to counter.