Amazing Race Around the World Permission Slips

The Amazing Race Around the World event is right around the corner!

This summer challenge will be held on July 28 at the Josey Ranch Lake Library from 3:00-6:00p.m.

Permission slips are required. Stop by either library to pick one up OR print out this one (PDF).

We want the challenges to be a surprise, but I will tell you that you will be outside for part of the Race. Bring sunglasses and apply sunscreen (if you burn easily). Also, you will probably get wet. Bring a towel…and maybe a change of clothes.

Hope we see you there!

Race Around the World Reading

Wow, I can’t believe it’s time to officially kick off our Summer events and reading program! I’ll talk about all the summer happenings in a later post, I promise. Since this is the kickoff of our Summer reading program, I wanted to tell you how this summer’s program is going to work.

1. Read a book

2. Go to our online book review form:

3. Fill out and submit the review.

That’s it! Submitting a review gets you an invitation to our invitation only Summer Soiree in August.

Also, we will be giving some online badges when you reach certain reading milestones. But, more about that later. Right now it’s time for you to get busy and START READING!

Summer sneak peek

Just wanted to give you all a sneak peek on what we’ll be doing at the library this summer.  This year, the Library Subcommittee chose the theme: Race around the world. With the Subcommittee’s help we’ve come up with a variety of globally inspired events. Check it out:

  • A craft a month starting in June with piñatas!
  • Our traditional library after hours – Teens Take Over
  • An Amazing Race Around the World – grab a partner and tackle our challenges
  • An invitation only event for our summer readers

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited just thinking about it! Check back for more details as the summer draws closer!

Keep on, keeping on!

Can I just say that while planning for The Hunger Games Tournament (which is just one week away, BTW), is great fun, it’s TIRING! Which is why the blog posts have been short and few.

I do want to report that we have received OVER 100 book reviews for Star Struck Summer Reading. I am soooo impressed! There are about 30 of you reviewers out there and I’ll love for you all to keep it up! Tell your friends, have them tell their friends, and so on and so forth.

Keep up the superb work! Hope to see you at The Hunger Games Tournament next week!

Clash of the Creatures signup starts today!

Get ready to race!

Get ready to race!

We know how much you love running around the library, so for Teen Read Week we are having our very own Amazing Race ® through the Josey Ranch Lake Library!

Like the tv show, teams of two will have to complete a number of challenges. The team that finishes first will be our Ultimate Reality Super Duo!

I can’t tell you what kind of challenges you’ll be faced with…you’ll have to show up and find out for yourself!

Here are the details:

What: Clash of the Creatures: The Amazing Library Race

When: FRIDAY, October 23, 2009 @ 6:30p.m.

Where: Josey Ranch Lake Library, 1700 Keller Springs Road

Don’t forget to bring your signed permission slip!