Star Struck Summer Reading Instructions

Star Struck Summer Reading

Here’s out it works:

  1. Read a book.
  2. Click here to fill out the review form! (To make it easier, bookmark it or save it to your favorites!)

Repeat! Easy, right?

Please review books that you started reading THIS SUMMER. They don’t have to be library books, but they shouldn’t be books you read over Spring Break or Christmas Break. It is SUMMER READING, after all!

Each review gets you an entry for the weekly drawing. Our drawing prizes are iTunes gift cards and movie theater gift cards.

Drawings will be held every MONDAY and winners will be notified by TUESDAY.

Last chance…

The Summer Reading Club officially ended on Saturday, but we’re STILL ACCEPTING reviews! Don’t forget to use the online submission form.

  • The last day to submit reviews will be THURSDAY, AUGUST 6.
  • The last batch of coupons will be handed out on FRIDAY, AUGUST 7.
  • The last day to redeem coupons for books will be SATURDAY, AUGUST 8.

I’ve LOVED reading all the reviews that have been coming in and I hope you’re enjoying the reviews that have been posted on the blog! We still have a ton of reviews in the blog pool so, although the Summer Reading Club may be over, I’ll still be posting reviews so keep checking back!

TTO this week!

Want to run in the library and use your “outside” voice without getting shhushed?

Teens Take Over @ Josey Ranch Lake library, Tuesday July 14th from 6:30-9pm, is your chance! Come to this teens-only after-hours event for Rock Band, DDR, Wii games, movies, PIZZA, and general craziness (within reason) at the library.

The catch–you have to give us a permission slip signed by your parent to get in the door. Pick one up at either Carrollton library or print one yourself.

See you Tuesday @ 6:30!

Summer Reading – Read, Click, Repeat

Are you a Carrollton Public Library user? Are you a teen? Want to earn a free book?

  1. Read a book.
  2. Come back to the TeenZone Blog
  3. Fill out the Teen Summer Reading Club Book Review form and hit submit!

Yes, it’s that easy! You get a free book coupon for every book review! The library even has computers you can use. The teen who submits the most book reviews wins a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble. So read and review often. Happy reading!

What are YOU reading?

Summer reading club is in full swing. We want to know what YOU’RE reading. Don’t forget that for this year’s reading club we’re reading for time so it’s not what you’re reading but the amount of time you’re reading that matters.

Is there a blog you read every day (like this one hee hee)?

Are you a magazine reader? Which ones are on your cannot-live-without list?

Are audio books more your style? Which ones were your favorite listens?

Which books have you read and loved? Which ones have you read and hated?

Leave a comment to tell us what you’ve been up to–we definitely want to know!

Let the reading begin!

Summer Reading Club has begun! Have YOU stopped by to pick up your Texas Teens Read reading log? For every 500 minutes you read, you’ll be entered into an end-of-summer drawing for fabulous mysterious prizes. :)

Read WHATEVER YOU WANT–books, newspapers, magazines, this blog. You can even listen to books on CD, Playways, or downloadable audio books.

For more reading suggestions try our Teen Lists.

Stop by either library today to join and get your free book (while supplies last)!

What are in YOUR summer reading plans? Leave us a comment and let us know!