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Summer Reading Program 2016!

Hi everyone! First off, congrats to everyone for surviving another year of school. Hooray for summer vacation! I hope that you think of us at the library fondly during this time and visit us often!

As you might have noticed from the plethora of new pages on our blog, it’s time for our Summer Reading Program! Want to know more? We have information on our summer reading program: Get in the game: READ! You can sign up online and even print out your time logs from home! We also have a ton of events happening at the library we hope you’ll attend.

We also have an awesome Instagram contest going on this summer! If you sign up for our SRP and ALSO follow us on Instagram, your name will be added to a drawing for a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8!

And last but not least, the prizes. That’s the most exciting part, right? I mean, besides the inherent joy of reading. You can check out all our awesome prize packs here!

Don’t forget, you also get prizes for reading! 10 hours gets you a free book, and 20 hours gets you into our exclusive pool party on August 13th!


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading Program 2016!

    • You read and fill out a time log based on how long you’ve read. Each half hour you read is an entry form. Once you complete a full time log, you bring them in and we enter them into the prize pack drawings! 🙂 You can pick up time logs at the library or print them yourself. If you go to the “Summer 2016: Get In the Game: Read!” you’ll find a link to the print-outs for the time logs. Hope that helps!

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