Reboot by Amy Tintera

RebootAfter a devastating virus sweeps the nation, people don’t always stay dead. But unlike the zombies you know and love, a Reboot, as they are called, don’t hunger for brains or flesh. Instead, they try to live their life as normally as possible. Well, as normally as possible for someone who is now under the control of the Republic of Texas and is faster, stronger, and better able to heal than a normal human. Then there is the whole the longer you are dead, the less emotional you are thing.

When Wren died, she did so for 178 minutes, making her the deadliest of the Reboots. When it comes to capturing criminals, she’s the best and she only trains the best. Until Callum that is. Callum is a lowly 22 and can’t seem to do anything right. Wren decides to take him on as a trainee and begins to discover that things are not right at the Reboot center.

I really liked this book. It has action, romance, and a mystery all wrapped in one. One of my favorite things though is that there is no love triangle. The characters are right there for you to see and the choices are much more difficult than choosing one boy over another.

Wren 178 develops as a character throughout the book. We see her going from the perfect, non-emotional soldier that everyone says she is to the friend who will fight to protect, not just her love interest, but also other reboots. We have the beginnings of a true rebel on our hands here. Callum 22 is just the right amount of goofiness and questioning to get the story rolling as well.

Ever was also one of my favorite characters. As Wren’s best friend, we see her reach through Wren’s barriers and you discover that Wren isn’t as cold as she thinks she is. It is also in Ever’s character that you see the beginning of what’s to come.

Rebel, the next in the duology, will be coming to the library shelf soon.


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