Skinny by Donna Cooner

 Skinny is the story of Ever Davies and the cruel voice in her head she calls Skinny. Ever is a fifteen-year-old girl whose weight is over 300 pounds. Skinny makes sure Ever never forgets her size; keeping up a cruel commentary of all of Ever’s faults. Skinny convinces Ever that she will never be anyone and no one will ever love her. But Ever has a secret – a strong and beautiful singing voice. Can that voice break through Skinny’s constant criticism?

Ever decides to find out by undergoing a risky weight loss surgery in an effort to both try out for the school musical and try to save her life. The weight might be falling off, but Skinny’s voice isn’t getting any softer. Will Ever find the strength to confront Skinny and get her life back? Or will she continue to let Skinny beat her down?

There seems to be a glut of weight related books hitting the teen shelves lately, and I’ve read a few of them. Skinny is one of the better ones. Ever is a very relatable character because pretty much everybody has their own version of Skinny running around in their heads, comparing them to someone else or telling them that they just aren’t good enough. The real point of this book isn’t so much that Ever loses weight. The real meaning of this book is found in the idea that we need to confront those voices in our heads and tell them to shut up.

Skinny is a 2013 Lone Star nominee and is on the TAYSHAS reading list.  I can easily see how it got on both lists.  I highly recommend this title and not just to people who are interested in weight related reading.  This book has something for everyone.

Have you read it?  What did you think?


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