If You Find Me by Emily Murdock

This is the story of Carey and her younger sister Jenessa. For years the two sisters have lived in a broken-down camper with their addicted mother. They haven’t seen their mother for months when two “strangers” appear and take them away. Now the girls are living with a mother, father and a stepsister in a house with indoor plumbing. While some things are really good (said indoor plumbing and reliable and tasty meals), other things are strange and new (high school, boys and said stepsister).

Although some parts were hard to read, I enjoyed this book. Carey is a strong character that, despite her fears and traumas, has a warm heart and a strong nurturing instinct when it comes to Jenessa. She has grown up far faster than she should and some of her experiences are truly horrific. But through it all, she has maintains a sense of self that is remarkable. Perhaps a bit too remarkable since it doesn’t seem like she is very scarred, and I would think that her experiences would lead her to need counseling.

I did feel that she was a bit too distant at times, but once readers understand the full extent of what she has endured, they can see why she would distance herself from some emotions and events. Carey is capable of making new friends and even navigating the interesting roads that come with boy-girl relationships.

I would recommend this book because it is a great story but also because it shows how some traumas and experience can affect not only the victim’s life, but those lives that surround them.


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