Carve your own path

I used to LOVE reading Choose your own adventure books. For the uninitiated, during certain points of time in a Choose your own adventure story, you get to decide where the story goes for example:

If you choose to go through Door number 1, turn to page 54

If you choose to through Door number 2, turn to page 78

Some choices will lead you to certain peril, others to sweet victory.

It was always interesting to see what different types of endings you could get. Some people (not me, never me!) would try to “cheat” by starting at a happy ending and working their way backwards–definitely a different approach.

The library still owns quite a few Choose your own adventure books, and the other day I came across a new take on the concept.

Meanwhile by Jason Shiga

Jason Shiga’s Meanwhile begins with a simple choice—vanilla or chocolate? Unlike the Choose your own adventure books, Meanwhile is a graphic novel. Tiny tubes lead you from panel to panel up, down, forwards, and backwards between the pages. It can get a little confusing, but it’s easy to get hooked!


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