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Want a little Strange in your day?

Emily the Strange The lost days coverEmily the Strange that is. You all know her. Some of you may love her; others may hate her. Not that she would care what YOU think. Emily finally stepped out of the graphic novel pages and into her first novel, Emily the Strange: the lost days. She’s lost her memory and wakes up with only her diary to try and figure out who she is, where she is, and everything else about her life!

If you’re looking for some Strange without leaving your keyboard try online games like:

Or head over to the fan participation section for:

And that’s just a taste of Emily online. Don’t forget to check out the Emily the Strange graphic novels at the library for some more Strange in your day.


One thought on “Want a little Strange in your day?

  1. Luv the way u defimed the book it really makes me want to go ahead and read it. I love mysteries and books about ordinary well almost ordinary girls. I’d blog with you anytime!:)
    -Isis Luv’s u!:)

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