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Absolutely Wicked Lovely

Well 2010 is starting out just swimmingly for me. I found out that Wicked lovely by Melissa Marr, one of the books that I love, love, love is going to be made into a movie!

All right, even though I am always a little hesitant when fave books get movietized (You like that? I made that up just now), there’s that part of me that just can’t resist seeing the book come to life on the big screen. Of course, it always helps when the author has good things to say about the project and Melissa Marr sounds stoked. Find out more about what Melissa thinks about the movie on her blog.

If you haven’t read Wicked lovely, and I highly recommend that you do, it’s about fairies…the urban sort complete with piercings and evil tendencies. If you like Holly Black’s Modern Faery Tale series, then you will Melissa Marr’s books.

Also, it looks like fairies may be the new vampires and werewolves. Check out this MTV article on future movies based on fairy books.

What do you think? Have you read the book? Do you have any casting suggestions for the flick? Leave us a comment and let us know!


2 thoughts on “Absolutely Wicked Lovely

  1. I too just found out its going to be a movie (and I just found out the 4th book comes out in April!!).
    I’m dreading the movie in a way though because I doubt their abilities to produce a Seth and Nial up to my standards 😛

    • I’m going to gloat…I have an ARC (advance readers copy) of the 4th book. =) Unfortunately I have to finish Fragile Eternity first! Don’t tell me what happens!
      And I know what you mean about casting Seth and Niall. I don’t know if they can live up to my expectations…

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