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Brainyflix Contest for Videos on SAT

Studying the SAT or ACT vocab words has never been fun. Some M.I.T. alumni want to take some of the pain out of your SAT or ACT studying with the Brainyflix Contest. If you’re good with a video camera, pick a vocabulary word from the list of words, and make a 1-2 minute video demonstrating the word. There’s a $600 prize for the video with the most votes – $200 to the video maker and $400 to the middle or high school class or school club chosen by the videographer. You also get a free iTunes download for every 5 videos you submit or refer.

Be sure to check out the contest rules, especially the video submission guidelines. Be creative, be nice, and have fun! Do it by yourself or with friends. You can only enter 1 video for a word but can make videos for as many words as you want.

Important dates:

  • Video submission deadline: 3/16/09 – video submission page
  • Voting opens: 3/23/2009
  • Voting ends: 4/5/2009
  • Winners announced: 4/13/2009

Even if you don’t want to enter the contest, be sure to check out the videos entered for the words so you can vote. It’s a fun way to get that vocabulary into your head!


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