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Hot Homework Source from the Hidden Web – Door 1

You’ve all been on the Internet or else you couldn’t be reading this blog right now. But did you know there was a HIDDEN web…an INVISIBLE web rich in information that would be very, very helpful to you when you’re doing homework? It doesn’t show up when you Google or Yahoo or Ask. And it’s there for you when the library has closed the doors for the night. The Carrollton Public Library pays money to unlock some doors to parts of the hidden web just for you…yes, YOU! On a kinds sorta regular basis I am going to show you the way to one of those unlocked doors. And all you need is your library card number and the PIN or password for your library account to pass through. So follow me to…

Bloom's Literary Reference Online

Bloom’s Literary Reference Online. Find critical essays on literature by Harold Bloom and other critics. There are also biographies and photos of authors. Search by author or title and the results have the following tabs so you can find what you need without having to wade through all the results – Biographies, Overviews and Synopses, Analyses and Criticism, Topics and Themes, and Images and Videos.

Don’t despair if you aren’t anywhere near the Carrollton Public Library. Just visit your local library and ask how they can give you access to the hidden web.


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