Are you a 2009 SAMMY?

That stands for Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year. If you’re one of the 25 winners of the SAMMY scholarship contest you get a $7500 scholarship, your own spot in a Milk Mustache ad in USA Today, and an all-expenses paid trip to Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando. The application deadline is March 6 by 10:59 p.m. our time (11:59 p.m. Eastern).

You’ve got to be a senior who participates in a high school sport or club sport during your Senior Year. You can’t be in any trouble so check out the complete rules to see if you’re eligible. You can self-nominate if you’re 18, otherwise get someone over 18 like a parent, teacher, or coach to fill out the online application with you.

Part of the application is an essay of no more than 250 words on “How Milk Has Helped In My Academics and/or Athletics”. Your application is judged by the following criteria:

  • Athletic Excellence (35%)
  • Academic Achievement (35%)
  • Leadership (15%)
  • Citizenship/Community Service (10%)
  • Originality/Creativity of the essay (5%)

Check out the video on the SAMMY site to hear from past winners.

If you’re a student athlete, start your application today…the March 6 deadline isn’t that far away. There is a scholarship winner from each of the 25 regions, and Texas is its own region. Someone from Texas will a 2009 SAMMY winner. Will it be you?


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