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Paint Online

Normally when I find you fun things to do online I try to find a few different sites. Today I felt like doodling online…doing a little drawing. artPad was the second site I found and it blew all the others away. You choose between a brush, a bucket, or a text tool. To use a pencil make the brush the smallest size. You can:

  • control the size and opacity of your strokes or splashes
  • click clear to undo the last thing you did all the way back to blank canvas
  • save and send your painting to a friend
  • but the most fun of all – you can REPLAY the creation of your painting…way cool!

You gotta check out the option to view other paintings. The first painting you look at replays for you. You can adjust the replay speed or skip to the end. If you click “view another” you just see the completed painting and have to click “skip to beginning” to see it replay. Too much fun!

Have a blast getting your art on! I sure did.


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