Non-Traditional Christmas

There are a lot of different Christmas traditions. Does your family:

  • sing Christmas carols?
  • open presents on Christmas Eve?
  • watch a special movie on Christmas Day?
  • eat the same homemade Christmas candy or cookies?

Once you get old enough to be out on your own, you get to start your own holiday traditions. This was the first year we celebrated Christmas away from my family (because of a sick pet), so we decided to try something a little different. Something that wouldn’t really make anyone else’s Christmas tradition list – a zombie movie marathon on Christmas Day! Who needs “It’s a Wonderful Life” or Frosty when you can watch the living dead!

We started with Dawn of the Dead – the 2004 version with the wicked-fast zombies. Next we watched 28 Days Later. We finished up with Shaun of the Dead, because no zombie marathon would be complete without it ,and it’s sooooooo funny! We probably won’t watch zombie movies every year, but having a non-Christmas movie marathon was a definite winner for us.

What non-traditional traditions does YOUR family have? Comment and let us know.


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