Carrollton Public Library / Fun Stuff


The cold weather the past couple of days made me think about snow. But since the weather is warming back up – we’ll be in the 60s Saturday and the 70s on Sunday – the only snow we’ll see is in a snow globe!

Check out these cool online snowglobes:

  • Holiday Snowglobe – There are little people inside – snowboarding, building a snowman, and crazy Gramps walking around with a shovel. You shake it with your mouse. It’s crazy!
  • ABC Family: 25 Days of Christmas: Snowglobe – You can upload a picture of yourself, your sweetie, or maybe your dog or cat to put in a snowglobe you build online. You can even choose different outfits. Fun!

If the online versions aren’t satisfying your shaking needs, try making your own snowglobe. It would make a great gift for your best bud or anyone else you love. Especially if you put something inside that means something special to the person you make it for. The sites below give step-by-step directions to make your own snowglobe.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


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