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In the middle of it…Living dead girl

Living dead girl by Elizabeth Scott

So…I’ve just barely tapped into Elizabeth Scott’s Living dead girl and I’m already totally creeped out! So far this is definitely not a light, warmhearted holiday book!

Alice was kidnapped by Ray when she was ten years old. Fearful that he will hurt her family, she has spent the last five years of her life serving his sick needs. One hope remains for Alice–Ray likes them young so, now that she is growing older, she hopes that he will let her go…or will he? Warning: Right now the book isn’t graphic but if you don’t like to read about anyone being abused, I definitely wouldn’t pick it up!

As I said earlier, I’ve just barely started this book. It’s very compelling. I think the writer does an excellent job of putting you in Alice’s shoes. Maybe she does too good of a job–part of me is finding it hard to put down and another part of me is so heartbroken over what Alice is going through that it’s hard to keep reading. If you want to read something along the lines of The missing girl by Norma Fox Mazer or A child called it by Dave Pelzer, you may find this book interesting.


One thought on “In the middle of it…Living dead girl

  1. Has it really been a year since I’ve written this? I have to admit, this book was so gutwrenching I couldn’t finish it back then. But I’m listening to it on cd now and I’m DETERMINED to finish. Wish me luck!

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