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Oh, the drama!

Suffering from High School Musical withdrawal? Try a book about drama, musicals, acting, and theater.

Pretty things by Sarah Manning

Pretty things by Sarah Manning
While rehearsing for a production of “The Taming of the Shrew,” four English teenagers explore their relationships and sexuality, while also discovering some surprising truths about themselves.

The four Dorothys by Paul Ruditis

The four Dorothys by Paul Ruditis
Bryan Stark, a comfortably not-quite-popular student at Orion Academy, an exclusive Malibu high school filled with actors, singers, models, and dancers, investigates intrigue behind the scenes of Orion’s production of “The Wizard of Oz,” which is losing one Dorothy after another.

Everyone's a critic by Paul Ruditis

Everyone’s a critic by Paul Ruditis
After a well-known director, who also has a way of crushing dreams, announces he will be holding auditions for his summer theater program, Bryan decides he will do whatever it takes to be chosen.

Fame by Mariah Fredericks

In the cards: fame by Mariah Fredericks
Thirteen-year-old Eve consults tarot cards to see if she will achieve her goal of being a famous singer one day, and in the meantime, decides to try out for the school musical.

Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman

Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman
Julie and Ashleigh, high school sophomores and Jane Austen fans, seem to fall for the same Mr. Darcy-like boy and struggle to hide their true feelings from one another while rehearsing for a school musical.

Dramarama by E. Lockhart

Dramarama by E. Lockhart
Spending their summer at Wildewood Academy, an elite boarding school for the performing arts, tests the bond between teens Sadye and her best friend Demi.


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