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Fur Slaughtered Fang

We had our first ever Capture the Flag program at the library – the Fang versus Fur Challenge – and it was a BLAST! We had 13 flags equal to a total of 100 points in each team’s territory with the highest point flag hidden inside a helium balloon. Sneaky things that we are, we had 12 other balloons with flags worth nothing inside them! Psych!

The lights were out except for the emergency lights, and we had spider webs across the aisles and between the bookshelves. Half the building was Fang territory belonging to the vampires and the other half was Fur territory belonging to the werewolves. A random drawing of a team glow stick on a lanyard determined your side. (Yes, trading was allowed.)

You were safe in your own territory but if you were tagged across the border you got escorted to the other team’s jail. The only way out of jail was for a teammate to make it across the jail threshold without getting tagged. Then, you both had safe passage back to your own territory. You had to wait until you crossed the border before you could go after another flag.

It was total mayhem! Everyone had a great time. The wolves won with a total of 94 points to Fang’s 42 points. Ah-rooooo!

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we worked out little problems like tangled lanyards and what to do when one of the teams ends up with everyone in jail after only 15 minutes of battle! We are SOOOOOOO doing this program again…but it will be a while!

There aren’t a lot of pictures because the library was too dark but check out the few we got before the fun started.

[rockyou id=125267857]


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