Library Catalog Power Searching Tip 1

What’s more frustrating than scrolling through a list of titles in the library catalog trying to figure out where they are or if you can even get them? You’re a busy person. You just left practice and you’ve got homework to do and people to call and the library closes in 43 minutes. Maximize your searching power by limiting your search to what’s CHECKED IN and IN THAT BUILDING. Can you really do this? Yes you can and it’s easy.

On the Carrollton Public Library catalog search page:

  • find the dropdown menu reading “View entire collection”
    scope dropdown menu example
    and choose the building you’re in. Josey Ranch Lake is the one on Keller Springs and Hebron and Josey is the one on Josey at Hebron Parkway.
  • put a check in the checkbox for “only show me available items”
    limit to available example
  • click the “go” button or hit the enter key
    go button example

Give it a try the next time you’re in the library looking for books or CDs or whatever. Ask at the Information Desk if you have a hard time finding anything.


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