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Did you catch Olympic fever?

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time. The Olympics don’t end until this Sunday and they are AWESOME! Athletes from all around the world, not worrying about politics or religion, competing to see who the is the greatest in the world. Wow!

The opening ceremonies were breathtaking. Drummers, dancers, tai chi, the world’s largest LED screen, fireworks, the parade of athletes, and an amazing lighting of the Olympic flame. I can only hope the closing ceremonies will as good.

Here are the schedules for the last few days:

If you relish the competitive aspect, check out the medal count to see who won what medals in what events.

If you want to check out an event again or see stuff that was never aired, try these video sites:

Maybe you want to see photos. Check out:

If you’re looking for a book to find out more about the Olympics, try some of these.


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