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The Starry Rift

How far away is the future? Is it a century from now? Is it a decade from now? Is it tomorrow? Is it today!? The Starry Rift : Tales of New Tomorrows edited by Jonathan Strahan takes a look at the various shapes the future will assume through the eyes of teens. Are you a gamer, a musician, a sports fiend or just anxious to find out what the future holds? Then there are stories about someone just like you in this collection!

You’ll find favorite authors like Scott Westerfeld, Garth Nix and Neil Gaiman amongst these pages and perhaps discover new favorites as well. What happens when a flu pandemic forces a young American soccer player to flee to South America with his father just in time for the return of mysterious otherworldly visitors? What if you found out that your actions in an MMORPG had tangible real world results? What would you do if your sister started channeling trans-dimensional deities because she used too much self-tanner? Read this book and find out!!


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