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What Are YOUR Favorite Things About Summer?

Today is the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year and the offical beginning of Summer. At least for those of us north of the equator. So, I was just wondering, what are YOUR favorite things about summer?

Is it…

  • …no school?
    (does the word “duh” come to mind?!)
  • …summer fruit like watermelon, peaches, plums?
    (yeah, yeah, i know you can buy them anytime of the year but they just taste SO MUCH BETTER in summer)
  • …swimming?
    (i’m personally a huge fan of night swimming)
  • …going on a family vacation?
  • …being able to read what you WANT to read instead of what the teacher MAKES you read?
  • …hanging out with your friends?
  • …snow cones?
    (i’m talking SHAVED ice not chipped ice)

Comment and let us know what YOU love most about summer!


4 thoughts on “What Are YOUR Favorite Things About Summer?

  1. Aw yeah I LOVE summer time!! I remember years ago we had lemonaid stands! those were so much fun!!

    well this summer it will be different.. cause I have a job for 3 days during the week and then I babysit this girl on the weekends… (BUT we swim at her house every time i go over… so thats fun) I love swimming!! its sooo much fun!! lol this was my 3rd week to watch her and I already have a awesome tan!! prolly cause we are out there for a min. of 2 hours… lol…. YES I use SUNBLOCK!! 🙂 ha but the first week I got a weird lookin tan/burn cause I used that spray on sunblock. and so I had white streaks were I sprayed it on….. it was funny…

    But I’m going to jam some super fun things to do with my friends!! like go to the water park! bowling, I really want to go paintballing!!!
    oh and I’v always wanted to do this… go to the dollar thearter… and go from one movie to the next and just see how many movies we can see in a day!! lol it would only cost, you know acouple bucks!!

  2. OH MY!!!!

  3. hey, i just luv everything about the summer! i cant decide what i luv best but my bday yesterday would hav 2 b near the top of the list @ least…*_*

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