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The looking glass wars by Frank Beddor

The Looking Glass Wars is based on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. In this story instead of going down the rabbit hole, Princess Alyss Heart comes UP to our world to escape her evil aunt, Redd Rose Heart until she’s strong enough to take back her throne. Returning to Wonderland won’t be easy, especially since she’s convinced herself that her previous life was just a dream. Is Alyss strong enough to defeat Redd?

The Looking Glass Wars is jam-packed with action and cool gadgets. Deadly playing card soldiers and a shape-shifting feline assassin are out to get Alyss. It’s a good thing she has people like Hatter Madigan (whose top hat can be flattened into a lethal throwing weapon) on her side. This book sucked me in from the first chapter. I definitely can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel, Seeing Redd!

A note to fellow future fans: I found this great interview with author Frank Beddor at Comic World News. I couldn’t believed he was a stunt double in one of my all time favorite flicks! You’ll have to read the article to find out more. 🙂


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