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In the middle of it…The declaration

The declaration by Gemma MalleyImagine a future in which drugs have not only cured all diseases but grant people with everlasting life as well. Imagine what happens when people don’t die and babies continue being born. That’s right. The world slowly becomes overpopulated. To stave off the depletion of resources, “The Declaration” has been passed prohibiting those who have taken longevity drugs from having children.

Anna is a “Surplus”–a child born in violation of The Declaration. Like all Surpluses, she has been raised to believe that her parents were selfish people for having her. Groomed for life as a servant, Anna is convinced that the only way to make up for her existence is to become the most Valuable Asset to come out of Grange Hall.

I just started listening to The Declaration on CD. A brand new Surplus named Peter has just arrived on the scene and I just know that he’s going to be the one who turns Anna’s world upside down. I won’t tell you any more but as you can tell, I’m already hooked.


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