Events / Teen Tech Week

Let the tuning in begin

It’s the time of year I know you’ve ALL been waiting for. That time of year when we celebrate technology and libraries…and YOU! That’s right folks, it’s TEEN TECH WEEK!

Tune in @ your library® during Teen Tech Week

Okay, so the chances that you DO NOT have Teen Read Week circled in red on your calendar are probably pretty high. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking part in the festivities. You don’t have to do anything crazy like get this year’s logo tattooed on your back. Just:

Check out the blog! This week we’ll be blogging about the ways you can Tune in @ your library® so visit the blog often.

Cheer us on at council! Show YOUR support of Teen Tech Week at tomorrow night’s (Tuesday, March 4) City Council meeting at City Hall. During the meeting, Mayor Becky Miller will be reading the Teen Tech Week proclamation. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

Pick up your permission slip for the Tech Takeover! The takeover is THIS THURSDAY and it’s NEVER too late to register. Open mic, video games, CD swap–it should be a blast!


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