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Tune in to these

Next week is Teen Tech Week! In honor of this year’s theme, Tune in @ your library, here are some musical titles:

Nick and Norah's infinite playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist
High school student Nick O’Leary, member of a rock band, meets college-bound Norah Silverberg and asks her to be his girlfriend for five minutes in order to avoid his ex-sweetheart.

Beige by Cecil Castellucci
Katy, a quiet French Canadian teenager, reluctantly leaves Montréal to spend time with her estranged father, an aging Los Angeles punk rock legend.

The last days by Scott Westerfeld
The last days
As an ancient evil stirs beneath the streets of New York City, infecting rats and people like a plague, five quirky teens come together to form a “New Sound” band whose music seems to have paranormal power.

Notes from the midnight driver by Jordan Sonnenblick
Notes from the midnight driver
After being assigned to perform community service at a nursing home, sixteen-year-old Alex befriends a cantankerous old man who has some lessons to impart about jazz guitar playing, love, and forgiveness.

Just listen by Sarah Dessen
Just listen
Isolated from friends who believe the worst because she has not been truthful with them, sixteen-year-old Annabel finds an ally in classmate Owen, whose honesty and passion for music help her to face and share what really happened at the end-of-the-year party that changed her life.

Heavy metal and you by Christopher Krovatin
Heavy metal and you
High schooler Sam begins losing himself when he falls for a preppy girl who wants him to give up getting wasted with his best friends and even his passion for heavy metal music in order to become a better person.

Guitar girl by Sara Manning
Guitar girl
Molly Montgomery discovers the high price of fame when her band, The Hormones, is joined by dangerous Dean and his friend T, and they become famous.

Fat kid rules the world by K.L. Going
Fat kid rules the world
Seventeen-year-old Troy, depressed, suicidal, and weighing nearly three hundred pounds, gets a new perspective on life when Curt, a semi-homeless teen who is a genius on guitar, asks Troy to be the drummer in a rock band.

Born to rock by Gordon Korman
Born to rock
High school senior Leo Caraway, a conservative Republican, learns that his biological father is a punk rock legend.

Did we forget a book that sang to you? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Tune in to these

  1. “The thing about a cavity search is this: it has nothing to do with the dentist…” One of the best opening lines of all times. Born to Rock rocks!

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