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Don’t know much about history…

You’re working on a history project and can’t get to the library. Sure, you can google your topic and find tons of stuff, but is it any good? Who writes those Web pages? Do they really know what they’re talking about or is it just my best friend’s cousin’s little brother’s Web page? Don’t freak out. Help is just a few mouse clicks and your library card away. (Update: You have to enter your library card number AND the PIN or password for your library account to use databases now. Talk to library staff if you don’t know your PIN or password.)

ABC-CLIO American HistoryTry ABC-CLIO American History database for info on American history topics from way back in 1350 all the way to the present. It’s not just articles either  – there are photos, video clips, and maps.

Not studying American History? What about World History?

ABC-CLIO World HistoryABC-CLIO World History database has biographies, country overviews, articles, maps, photos, video clips, and more on what’s been happening in the world since 1500. Try the Topic Explorations for interactive studying materials.

Whew! History’s covered. For your other homework needs check out some of the other databases the library offers. Most are available 24-7 with your Carrollton Public Library card. Study on!


One thought on “Don’t know much about history…

  1. To my mind, history isn’t a very difficult subject, but sometimes I have to go to the library and read some books about different facts I can’t understand. And I’m sure your sites will help me and other students to find information we need,.

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